Xbox Nail Polish

So, last month we brought news of a bit of a... different collaboration between Xbox and OPI, a nail polish brand. The two companies came together to deliver a range of nail polish, containing some bonus in-game rewards for Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5. Well, sort of.

On picking up the product, some fans discovered that the first sets of nail polish don't include any Halo Infinite rewards. In the US, Amazon will be including the Halo rewards with all orders from February 1st, meaning January purchases made directly from ULTA missed out.

Last month's ULTA orders did include the Forza Horizon 5 bonus, but you'll have to pick up a February package from Amazon in the US to go hands on with the Halo reward. Well... you won't be able to use it just yet. While the newer polish kits include the Halo code, it's not usable in-game until the next Halo Infinite patch.

It's all a bit complicated isn't it? Either way, we'll be keeping tabs on when the next patch goes live, and buyers can go hands on with their purple armour coating.

Did you pick a pack of these up for the Halo reward? Let us know in the comments.