Those who played WWE games in the Xbox 360 era may remember a fan-favourite mode called "GM Mode", which allowed you to take control of Raw or Smackdown (or another brand) and hire wrestlers, book shows and ultimately try and acquire as many viewers as possible compared to the competition — and it's returning in WWE 2K22.

Today, 2K has shared more details on what to expect from the renamed "MyGM" in the game, where you start by picking from one of four WWE GMs (or create your own), draft your roster, book your weekly match cards (and potentially even interfere in a match), and ultimately try to become the best General Manager in the company.

GM Mode last appeared in SmackDown Vs. Raw 2008, so its return has been a long time coming. The mode has surged in popularity again in recent years thanks to the YouTube channel UpUpDownDown, and it's great to see it back!

For more in-depth details on GM Mode, you can check out a special Ringside Report today on YouTube.

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