It's been a bit of a quiet end to the month for Xbox Game Pass in February, but March is right around the corner, and Microsoft is kicking things off for the service with the launch of FAR: Changing Tides on Tuesday, March 1st.

If you don't know what this is, it's the sequel to the "atmospheric vehicle adventure" game FAR: Lone Sails from 2018, and based on the reviews that are coming out so far, it looks like it's onto a winner. We've rounded up some of the critics' verdicts below, with the game currently sporting a "Mighty" 84 average rating on OpenCritic.

Nintendo Life - 9/10

"A wonderful experience from the moment you set sail, FAR: Changing Tides builds out the world and gameplay ideas of its predecessor with scale, detail and awesome moments of discovery. Okomotive has started with its original neat mechanic about a left-to-right juggernaut, then taken it in every other direction it could go."

God Is A Geek - 9/10

"FAR: Changing Tides is about overcoming the odds. It never punishes you, but it doesn’t let you off the hook, either. When you master the various ways you’re ship can be used, there’s no feeling like it. The puzzles are challenging enough, but never seem complex. I fell in love with it almost instantly. It feels so natural to play, even if jumping can sometimes feel a bit loose. Regardless of this tiny flaw, the journey which sees you grow as a sailor and a human being is one I won’t forget in a hurry."

GameReactor - 8/10

"Far: Changing Tides is still a fabulously evocative experience, thanks to some truly beautiful vistas and some fantastic music by Joel Schoch. It's a journey, a journey where not much is directly uttered, explained or even shown, but a journey worth remembering regardless thanks to some clever puzzles, physically bound piloting and a sequential unlock of the vessel's primary functions, which always introduces new systems to maintain."

Eurogamer - 4/5 (Recommended)

"Having adored the first game, I was delighted that a sequel - or "companion piece" - was coming, but admit I was apprehensive, too. I worried that Far: Lone Sails' unique appeal couldn't be stretched to encompass a sequel with a longer runtime, and wasn't sure the puzzling would be so endearing the second time around. If you too are concerned about the same things, worry not. It turns out Far: Changing Tides is every bit as bewitching as its predecessor thanks to its stunning presentation, haunting soundtrack, and wholly unique gameplay and puzzle mechanics."

Flickering Myth - 7.5/10 (Recommended)

"FAR: Changing Tides modestly scales-up the original’s minimalist adventure game mechanics for another brief, relaxing jaunt that serves as a welcome antidote to the noise of AAA blockbuster excess."

Rock Paper Shotgun - No Score

"FAR: Changing Tides is another delightful little adventure but it feels like I'm underselling it to say so. Because it does surprise, especially towards the end, taking you to exhilarating places. Those little set pieces where you're not sure what it is your working towards until the last moment and then suddenly you see, with glee and excitement, what's about to happen next... that stuff is proper magic."

Sounds good, then! As mentioned before, FAR: Changing Tides will be releasing day one with Xbox Game Pass on Tuesday, March 1st, and it may yet be joined by a few other games on the same day — we'll have to wait and see!

Will you be checking out FAR: Changing Tides on Game Pass? Let us know down in the comments below.