Rebel Wolves

A team of ex-CD Projekt Red developers have formed a brand new studio known as Rebel Wolves. What's perhaps even more exciting is that the team is already working on "AAA, story-driven dark fantasy RPG saga" for both PC and next-generation consoles (aka Xbox Series X|S and PS5).

This studio is comprised of seven industry veterans who have had "years of experience" working on some of the most "critically acclaimed video games" of all time. These titles unsurprisingly include Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077. Konrad Tomaszkiewicz is the studio's CEO and game director and was previously one of the game directors on The Witcher 3.

One of the reasons behind this studio was so the team could run operations on its "own terms" - with the motto being "from gamers for gamers". In terms of its mission - its goal is to "revolutionize the RPG genre" and "create a studio where developers can thrive".

Rebel Wolves adds how it will have "more to share soon" about the projects it's currently working on - signing off with "trust us - you'll be hooked".