Xbox Game Pass Valentines

In recent years, Xbox has embraced viral marketing, y'know, the 'off-brand' posts that make us all laugh. The Xbox Game Pass Twitter account is practically built on this, with a much-less-serious tone than other Xbox channels. Well, Game Pass has outdone itself this time.

Reddit users are spotting various Valentine's adverts that are, well, a bit steamy. Dashboard ads have started cropping up advertising Xbox Game Pass as a valuable Valentine's Day service. That's not something I expected to write today.

"Hot, eligible games in your area" are what Game Pass is offering this year apparently. So, if you're looking for something new this Valentine's, well, here's your chance.

We've got to admit, this is amusing and is certainly a creative way to market a game subscription service. What will they think of next?

Would these ads change your Valentine's plans? Let us know in the comments.