We've got an Xbox Game Pass release window to share! Atomic Heart, an "action-packed first-person shooter set in the alternative, retro-future version of the 1950s USSR", is heading to the service at launch later this year.

Specifically, it's coming in "#######BER", whatever that means. Presumably September to December, 2022.

The game has drummed up a lot of buzz over the past year thanks to its impressive and utterly bonkers set of trailers. We're still a little bit unsure what to expect when it arrives on Game Pass — but we're interested no matter what! It's also been confirmed that Mick Gordon of DOOM fame will be handling the soundtrack.

You can check out the game's official description below, along with a set of images:

Atomic Heart takes place in the Soviet Union in an alternative reality sometime in 1955, where technology like the internet, holograms and robots have already been invented. The main protagonist is a special agent called P-3, who is sent by the government to investigate a manufacturing facility that has fallen silent.

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