Bethesda treated us to a new behind-the-scenes video of Starfield this week focusing on the game's "Journey Through Space" key art, and its Lead Artist (Istvan Pely) has been talking to Xbox Wire about what to expect from the game's aesthetic when it arrives on Xbox Game Pass this November.

According to Pely, the team at Bethesda coined the term 'NASA-Punk' as a way to "describe a sci-fi universe that’s a little more grounded and relatable." The intention, he says, was to ultimately end up with "a very realistic take."

"You can draw a line from current-day space technology and extrapolate from there into the future so it’s believable and relatable."

Lead Animator Rick Vicens also had a few words to add, stating that the term 'NASA-Punk' allowed the art team to "instantly take those two words and make them work", calling it "the perfect term for our art direction".

You can check out the video from earlier this week above, and if you're interested in winning the signed "Journey Through Space" art, all you need to do is become a member of the Starfield Constellation group by March 31st, 2022.

"From this 'Journey Through Space' art and other pieces of early concept art, to the world you’ll see in the game, the team at Bethesda Game Studios had a specific vision in mind. A vision of a future that’s grounded in reality. A future that’s believable and, while maybe not always the most welcoming, at least familiar."

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