Fh4 Lego
Image: Forza Horizon 4, Microsoft

Earlier this month, rumours started swirling about an open world racing game from 2K, fuelled by a job listing post. The listing mentioned that the game would be tied to a major license and, well, it's looking like it could be Lego.

In a new report from VGC, sources claimed an open-world Lego racing game is in the works. WWE 2K22 developer Visual Concepts is supposedly at the helm, and the game is set to launch in 2023.

Although Visual Concepts isn't known for creating racing games, Lego has featured in the genre for a while. Back in the day we had the Lego Racers series, before Lego City Undercover featured plenty of driving in its GTA-style open world. Oh, and we can't forget the Forza Horizon 4 expansion, Lego Speed Champions.

It'll be interesting to see how this one takes shape, but we're certainly into more open world Lego racing.

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