Xbox Team Investigating Issues With Unresponsive Guide Button
Image: Xbox Brasil on Twitter

If you've been having issues where the Xbox Guide button appears to be slow and unresponsive, you're not alone. Over on Twitter, Xbox Engineering Lead Eden Marie has confirmed the team is trying to "nail down what's going on."

We've seen reports from multiple Xbox users in recent weeks that the guide button (the big Xbox logo button on your controller) is acting very laggy and delayed, and Marie has asked Xbox Insiders to file this as a bug to help the team:

Additionally, Marie confirmed that the issue is widespread and "affects everybody", but the team is "hoping to get enough logs from Insiders to diagnose the issue thoroughly." It's also said to be "worse with certain types of games."

"Our ideal target has always been in the 200 millisecond range, and we recognize that things are sometimes getting way off of that."

It seems a lot of people thought their controller was playing up — so it's good to see a member of the team confirming that it's a legitimate issue on Xbox's side, and they're trying to do something about it. Let's hope it's an easy fix!

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