Xbox Is Reportedly Working On A 'Monster Hunter' Style Exclusive

We've got some exciting news coming out of Xbox Game Studios today, as it's being reported that Xbox has partnered with developer Certain Affinity on a Monster Hunter style exclusive, known internally as "Project Suerte".

Both the Grubbsnax podcast and Windows Central are reporting this, with the latter suggesting that the game will likely feature "big monster battles with multiplayer gameplay". It supposedly started development back in the summer of 2020, and the outlet predicts that we're currently looking at a 2023 reveal with a 2024 release date.

Certain Affinity is no stranger to partnering with Microsoft, having worked as a support studio on various titles in the Halo franchise (including Halo Infinite), and the developer is also well-known for its work on the Call of Duty series.

It could be a few years until we get any official information about this one, but we're definitely liking what we're hearing so far. Let's hope Certain Affinity can deliver the goods and produce something special for Xbox Game Studios.

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