Xbox Gets Roasted By Wendy's On Twitter With Halo Infinite Burn

You might or might not have known that Wednesday was "National Roast Day", and the Twitter account for Wendy's was being particularly active on the day, giving out a variety of "sick burns" to anyone who asked for it.

So, guess who asked for it? Yes — the Xbox account chimed in with a request, and Wendy's duly delivered by taking a shot at Halo Infinite's lack of co-op campaign support at launch, which certainly got a lot of attention:

For those who aren't aware, Halo Infinite's co-op campaign is still in the works for later this year, but has been pushed back to May 2022 at the earliest, with the team explaining it was "just not ready" for launch last year.

The same goes for Halo Infinite's Forge mode, which again is part of the roadmap for May 2022 at the earliest. Is the delay understandable? Sure. But there's no denying this was a pretty effective roast from the Wendy's team...

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