Xbox Exec Causes A Stir On Social Media With Crash Bandicoot Profile Pic

Xbox GM of Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg often likes to have a bit of fun on social media, and his latest move has drummed up a lot of attention — his profile pic now features him and Crash Bandicoot doing the Xbox symbol!

It certainly hasn't gone unnoticed, with countless people taking to Twitter over the past few days to either praise the move or criticise it... although many have been leaping to his defence in regards to the latter:

In response, Aaron Greenberg highlighted that he'd seen "lots of reactions" to the change of profile picture, and it was never intended to be an attack on Sony or PlayStation fans whatsoever, but rather to "celebrate a fan creation".

He also implored everyone to "stay positive & treat all gamers respectfully":

"Thanks again Ben [on Twitter] for creating this for fun & my new profile pic. Seen lots of reactions & just want everyone to know this was about celebrating a fan creation, which I very often use for profile pic + header. Let’s be mindful to stay positive & treat all gamers respectfully."

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