Video: Watch Phil Spencer And Bobby Kotick Discuss The Future Of Activision Under Xbox

So far, we haven't seen much of the two bosses since the Xbox and Activision Blizzard deal shook us. Sure, the Xbox announcement was written by Phil Spencer, and Bobby Kotick has commented on the deal, but talking on camera feels more direct.

Well, the pair of them went live on CNBC yesterday, January 18th, to discuss the future of the two companies after the merge. Kotick delivered the usual shareholder spin, but Spencer, as ever, provided us with some welcome insights into the deal and what it means for the future at Xbox.

The most noteworthy quote from Spencer, came when the host asked about the recent workplace allegations and how Xbox feels about changing Activision's culture moving forward.

"Post close [of the deal], we know that the most important thing to a creative organization is that the employees feel safe, they feel heard, so that they can do their best work, there's nothing that's more important to us."

It's certainly nice to hear from Spencer directly that he's reviewing the current culture change plans at Activision. Only time will tell whether Xbox makes Activision a better place to work in the future.

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