The Anacrusis Developer Addresses Performance Problems On Xbox Series X

The Anacrusis is the latest in a long line of co-op shooters added to Xbox Game Pass recently. It sets itself apart with a unique retro-future art style, which is a little bit different than your typical 'alien invasion' shooter.

However, it also comes to Xbox as a Game Preview title, and some players have spotted performance issues. Thankfully, the developer is already addressing concerns surrounding Xbox performance.

In The Loadout's review of The Anacrusis, the site noted performance issues on Xbox Series X. They then reached out to developer Stray Bombay, who had this to say:

“We’ve already identified several performance issues, and are addressing as much of the server-side performance issues as we can prior to launch, [...] We’ll continue to address performance problems as players identify them in patches over the next several updates, as well as throughout the entire Early Access period. The first update, which The Anacrusis players should see shortly after launch, will focus on fixes improving Episode 1 and add visual cues to help first time players along.”

It's looking like the team are on top of the performance issues so far, which is good news. While the Series X isn't directly addressed, hopefully the system benefits from the game's first update, due "shortly after launch".

Have you been playing The Anacrusis on Xbox Game Pass? Let us know below.

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