Talking Point: 10 Days Later, How Are You Feeling About The Activision Blizzard Acquisition?

It might not seem like it, but it's already been 10 full days since Microsoft announced its intent to acquire Activision Blizzard for a little under $70 billion, and we've learned a fair few things about the deal in the days since.

For example, we know that the acquisition is set to conclude somewhere between July 2022 and June 2023, after which time Microsoft is planning to put as many Activision Games as possible into Xbox Game Pass, with the intent to also release future games on the service.

Additionally, we know that Call of Duty will be remaining a PlayStation franchise for the foreseeable future, after Xbox boss Phil Spencer confirmed his "desire" for the series to remain on Sony's platform, with a subsequent report suggesting there were "existing agreements" in place to ensure this was the case for at least the next two years.

As for other games, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has suggested he'd like to see Guitar Hero and Skylanders return on Xbox at some point, and Phil Spencer has said he ideally wants to put Activision Blizzard teams to work on various classic franchises, including IP that he loved from his own childhood.

Speaking of Kotick, the official line is that the Activision Blizzard CEO will remain in his role moving forward, but it's been reported that he's expected to leave once the acquisition goes through, so we'll see if that proves the case.

Lots to chew over, then, with many questions also still unanswered. Based on everything we know right now, we're eager to find out how you're feeling about the acquisition after 10 days to soak it all in.

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