Take-Two CEO Downplays GTA Trilogy's Many Issues, Says The Remastered Collection Has Done 'Great'

It's been quite some time since we were as shocked and disappointed with a set of remasters as we were last November when the awkwardly named Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition landed in an absolute state on consoles and PC.

The collection, which should have been an easy victory for Rockstar Games, a simple refresh of one of gaming's truly great trilogies, instead arrived shot full of bugs, with serious performance issues and even a bunch of old developer comments and unlicensed music thrown in accidentally for good measure. It was, in short, a slapdash and rather disastrous scenario that eventually led to Rockstar having to go so far as to temporarily remove the collection from sale on PC. Not ideal.

So, it comes as something of a surprise to see that Take-Two CEO, Strauss Zelnick, has downplayed the messy launch, telling CNBC that the trilogy of games had actually done great for the company and that the problems were nothing more than "a glitch in the beginning." Hmmm. We certainly don't recall it being a mere glitch.

As first reported by VGC, Zelnick was questioned about the state of the games during an interview discussing the company's controversial take over of mobile publisher Zynga, saying that;

“With regards to the GTA trilogy, that was actually not a new title. That was a remaster of pre-existing titles...we did have a glitch in the beginning, that glitch was resolved. And the title of [sic] has done just great for the company.”

We get that Zelnick will undoubtedly have been looking to appease shareholders in playing down the issues with the recent remastered trilogy, but it's really not a great look when we all saw for ourselves that the games were absolutely not fit for purpose.

Check out the video below showing constant ridiculous issues in the game and tell us it was a simple glitch!

Do you think the remastered GTA trilogy was suffering from a minor glitch when first released or were your experiences more in line with ours? As always, let us know in the comments!

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