Starfield-Themed Watch Seemingly Leaks Ahead Of Schedule

We're all pretty excited for Starfield later this year. Bethesda's upcoming RPG takes us into outer space, a huge change of scenery for the developer. Some of that scenery may well come to life too, as Redditors believe they've spotted a Starfield-themed watch that could be part of the game's inevitable Collector's Edition.

Reddit user SquiddyVonn posted images of the watch in the Starfield subreddit. It features a bunch of design touches that mimic the Starfield universe, including an establish date of 2188. The user then posted an online manual for the watch, being developed by The Wand Company.

The manual showcases even more of the watch, including some of its features and how the watch itself operates. There's even weather data options, and the watch itself looks like some retro-future inspired smart watch.

This isn't the first time the watch has appeared either. In a Starfield update video released last year, the very same watch was spotted, nestled in a lovely Starfield-themed case.

To top it off, the very same manufacturer has also worked with Bethesda before, most notably on a Fallout-themed Pip-Boy kit. It all seems legit then, even if we're quite a ways out from Starfield's release.

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