We've known for a while that Shredders, the snowboarding game by FoamPunch, is coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one. Well, after a bit of a delay (where it was initially pushed to Feb), the game is almost ready to go on Xbox.

Shredders will seemingly now launch on March 17th, according to its UK Microsoft Store page (as spotted by The Loadout). This is a next-gen only release on console, meaning you'll need a shiny new Xbox Series X or S to play it.

Shredders Xbox Game Pass Release Date Leaked On MS Store 2

The game is coming to PC too, supposedly both on the Windows Store and Steam, but the console version comes out first. It seems the Steam version, which was revealed today, is currently going through certification before it gets a confirmed release date — it looks set to release sometime this winter.

Will you be taking to the slopes in Shredders? Let us know in the comments.

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