Earlier this week, we saw a rumour about timed Xbox console exclusive Stalker 2 being delayed — which eventually came true — and it's now been suggested that Bethesda's Redfall could be suffering the same fate.

This comes courtesy of the Defining Duke podcast, where hosts MrMattyPlays and Lord Cognito both mentioned they've heard "rumblings" about a delay, although they also acknowledged it's come from a "non-typical source".

Here's a bit of what MrMattyPlays had to say about the potential of a delay:

"Redfall was the name that was floated, and this wouldn't surprise me when you really look at the lay of the land for this one... I think this is one you'll see slip from Summer to Holiday [2022], and based on what we've heard, that would make a lot of sense."

The two hosts went on discuss that a delay sounds plausible for Redfall, considering we've seen very little about the Arcane Studios developed FPS so far, despite the fact it's set to release in just a few months' time.

When it does eventually release, Redfall will serve as an open-world co-op shooter in which you'll need to "choose your hero from a diverse roster, grouping up with others to create the perfect team of vampire slayers" in the town of Redfall, Massachusetts. As usual for an Xbox Game Studios title, it'll be available with Game Pass day one, and it'll be coming exclusively to Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC.

Do you think Redfall will be getting a delay? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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