Rumour: Apple 'Poaching' Xbox Engineers To Potentially Make A Video Game Console

Here's a crazy rumour to start off the week! It was mentioned by Windows Central reporter Jez Corden on the latest episode of The Xbox Two podcast that Apple might be "poaching" Xbox engineers to make its own games console.

Jez says he's been hearing this for a while, although he admits the sourcing on the information isn't the best (he has no concrete details or proof) and even if it is true, he doesn't know if Apple is still pursuing the idea:

"I've been hearing for a while that Apple has been poaching Xbox engineers to make its own console. I've heard that for ages, that Apple was exploring making a video game console. And I don't know if it's going to be a VR play, or a metaverse thing, or something like that..."

"I don't know if that'll come to fruition, I don't know if they've cancelled it already, because Apple explore a ton of stuff... I don't have amazing sourcing on this, I have no documents, I have no photographs, but it's just something I heard."

He also speculated during the discussion about "which company would really want to compete with [console makers and potentially Apple] at that level" right now, suggesting "the real answer" is Chinese tech giant Tencent.

We'll have to wait and see if anything comes of this, but it's certainly one of the more intriguing rumours we've seen recently.

Do you think Apple will create its own video game console? Give us your thoughts below.