It's been such a busy week in the world of Xbox already, but Game Pass is also having a massive day on Thursday, with a whole bunch of games launching on the service including Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction.

Ahead of its release, the first reviews of the game have been dropping today, giving us an idea of what to expect. We're also planning to share some impressions here at Pure Xbox in the near future, but for now, here's what we've found from across the web about Rainbow Six Extraction so far:

NME - (4/5)

"Compact, dense and interesting, Rainbow Six Extraction is an excellent retooling of a lot of the things that made the multiplayer-focused Rainbow Six Siege work so well, with a sci-fi skin and oodles of progression. As with many games in the genre, if you’ve got the friends, Extraction will handle the fun."

GameSpot - (7/10)

"Though the story is weak and the design of the game favors certain characters, Extraction is a good Rainbow Six game that rewards you and your team's ability to adapt to deliver a compelling gameplay loop."

Windows Central - (3.5/5)

"Rainbow Six Extraction delivers consistently engaging and satisfying gameplay that fans of tactical shooters will undoubtedly enjoy. However, its longevity and overall appeal seem uncertain."

IGN - (7/10)

"Rainbow Six Extraction brings some great new ideas to the venerable first-person shooter as it morphs to a sci-fi co-op game, but it doesn't distinguish itself quite enough to stand out on its own merits."

Video Games Chronicle - (3/5)

"We can’t recommend Rainbow Six Extraction if you’re planning on playing alone, especially on PlayStation platforms where you’re expected to pay £40 for the privilege, but if your regular gaming group is bored of the game you play every night, and they all have Game Pass, Extraction will provide laughs."

As you can see, the average score for Rainbow Six Extraction is hovering around the 70 mark at the time of writing, with the reviews continuing to roll in as we speak. When all's said and done, it looks like it settle somewhere around that 70 mark on Metacritic — maybe even being boosted up to a 75.

Will you be diving into this one on Xbox Game Pass this Thursday? Let us know in the comments.