Remember Microsoft Zune? Hyperkin Jokes About Bringing It Back

Do you guys remember the Microsoft Zune? Yeah, there was the weird marketplace for accessing music, TV shows etc. on the Xbox 360, but we mean the actual iPod-like device? Well, accessory manufacturer Hyperkin does, and they've joked about bringing it back.

Hyperkin has made a bit of a habit in recent years of remaking old Xbox stuff. Their most well-known products for Xbox are their new 'Duke' controllers, modern versions of the classic original Xbox controller. Now, they've joked about digging a little deeper into Microsoft's history, with the Zune.

What's even funnier is back in the day, Microsoft actually made a Halo edition Zune. Hyperkin has recently gone all in on creating a Halo Duke, so maybe, just maybe, we could see a Hyperkin Halo Zune.

Nah probably not but hey-ho, we've been reminded of the Zune on this lovely Friday evening so yeah, there's that.

Did you ever use a Zune product? Let us know below.