Random: Halo 3 Players Band Together To Earn Final Achievement Before Servers Close

The Halo games on Xbox 360 will see their servers (mostly) closed for good this week. That's right, 343 Industries is sunsetting Xbox 360 era Halo on January 13th, in favour of supporting The Master Chief Collection. However, that hasn't stopped a squad of Spartans banding together for what may be the final time.

As spotted by Windows Central, a Halo Twitter account by the name of Hidden Reach posted a wholesome clip on Halo 3. Basically, a player joined their Slayer lobby on Halo 3, just days before its closure, requesting help for earning their final achievement.

Sure enough, the lobby obliged, and two players lined up to take one for the team. They were subsequently Spartan Lasered by the achievement hunter, who has now hit full gamerscore on Halo 3 for Xbox 360. Judging by the post-match lobby chat, they were pretty pleased with the outcome.

Note: The following video contains language you may find offensive.

There may be many more instances of this happening across Xbox 360 Halo games over the coming days, and we welcome it with open arms. Remember, if you need one last online achievement, it may be worth chancing a public lobby before January 13th.

What are your fondest Halo memories on Xbox 360?

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