PUBG Creator Shows Off Huge 'Planet-Sized Worlds' For Upcoming Project

Since PUBG exploded in popularity, various developers who worked on it are trying to create something new. One of those developers is the original creator, PlayerUnknown, who is now working to create "the biggest sandbox worlds ever attempted."

We've not seen much on the "prologue" project since its inception. Hell, we don't even really know whether a game will come of it, but the concept is interesting nonetheless. We've finally been treated to a glimpse of what's being worked on though, via a short tech demo.

The clip shows the sheer size of the world, and it looks relatively dense too. Sure, it's running at about 15 frames per second, but this is an early "proof-of-concept tech demo".

It'll be interesting to see what comes of this one. Creating planet-sized worlds is one thing, but you need to fill them with interesting things to do. Still, we'll follow it, especially given what happened when PUBG took the gaming world by storm.

Would you play a "planet-sized" battle royale? Let us know in the comments.

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