Limited Run Is Releasing Its First Xbox Game This Summer

Collectors rejoice! Limited Run Games has announced that it will be going green this summer, with its first ever Xbox release since the company partnered with Microsoft.

For those unaware, Limited Run Games is a third party publisher that takes digital releases, usually from smaller developers, and launches them in physical form — sometimes with special Collector's Editions as well. Oh, and another clue is in the name; they don't usually make many copies available.

It's a niche market but one that is growing, especially as indie games become a larger part of the industry. They're often only available digitally, so a physical option is great for collectors out there.

If a Limited Run release does take your fancy, it's worth getting in early. Some of these fetch huge amounts on the second hand market, so it's worth keeping an eye on the upcoming Xbox launch.

What Xbox game would you like Limited Run Games to release? Let us know below.

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