Insider Patch Addresses Issue With Xbox Game Pass Not Working Offline

We're extremely quick to champion Xbox Game Pass here at Pure Xbox, as are most of the Xbox community! However, that doesn't mean there aren't issues from time to time, and one cropped up recently regarding offline games.

Basically, players were reporting that Game Pass games weren't launching properly when offline. Sometimes it only affected certain games, and was worsened when consoles were restarted. Here are a few community examples:

These recent posts didn't gain huge amounts of attention, so this could be an issue only affecting certain users. Either way, those users will be happy to see the glitch being looked into.

Eden Marie, engineering lead at Xbox, says that the issue has been addressed and rolled out to multiple rounds of Insiders. The issue only affects subscription-based titles, and isn't applicable to purchased or disc-based games.

If the fix does its job, a patch should roll out to all Xbox users in the near future. At that point, anyone having issues with offline Game Pass games should be sorted!

Do you regularly play Xbox Game Pass games offline? Let us know below.