Head Of Xbox Phil Spencer Celebrates His Birthday Eve Finishing Up The Ascent

Phil Spencer has been a shining light since he took over as Head of Xbox, so it's only right we help him celebrate his birthday! January 12, 2022 marks Spencer's 54th birthday, and it looks like he kept himself busy during his birthday eve.

No, he wasn't at some lavish party somewhere. Spencer was finishing up the main missions on The Ascent, a little gem that hit Xbox Game Pass late last year. Hopefully he didn't stay up too late.

It's been a busy year for Spencer and the team during 2021, as Xbox continued to navigate a tricky market to deliver Xbox Series consoles, and of course, new games to play on them. We hope he gets some well-earned rest today!

What Xbox bombshells will Spencer treat us to this year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.