Update: This event is now live and will run from January 18th until February 1st - it adds in the new slayer mode, Attrition - where lives are shared across your team.

"Each team has a limited number of lives—revive your teammates when they fall and work together to deplete the enemy’s lifepool to finish them off. Last team standing wins! It’s classic, competitive 4v4 action with a unique spin on how you operate as a team."

And here's the event track - there's 10 all up to unlock:


Anyone who participates in the event will also receive a 'New Heights' backdrop for their Spartan ID:

Cyber Showdown

Original story [Sat 15th Jan, 2022 03:30 GMT]: There's a new free event coming to Halo Infinite multiplayer next week called 'Cyber Showdown'. It kicks off on 18th January, but nothing else has been officially revealed about it just yet.

While 343 hasn't shared much, dataminers appear to have already uncovered what will be on offer, and players will once again have to complete key challenges in order to unlock these items.

The event is expected to run up until January 31st, which will then be followed by the Fracture: Tenrai event. So you should have enough time to unlock the Cyber Showdown rewards.

Will you be participating in this upcoming event? Leave a comment down below.

[source halowaypoint.com]