Dying Light 2 Story Trailer Shows Us The Human Side Of 'The City'

Dying Light 2 is almost upon us, and developer Techland has been showing quite a lot of it off recently. We finally got a look at some of the console versions in the team's latest preview episode, and we know it doesn't really take 500 hours to beat. Now, a meaty gameplay trailer introduces a bit more of the game's world and its characters.

You play as Aiden, on the hunt for your sister in Dying Light 2's new world. You're gonna have to get sh*t done to find her though, including extracting valuable information from various factions.

This might be the general through line of the story, but we're really keen to see what untold stories Dying Light 2's "The City" has to offer. One of our favourite aspects of anything post-apocalyptic is seeing how society attempts to rebuild, and The City looks a real joy to explore.

This trailer shows off some of the game's zombies too, and we're already theorising how we'll take them down. Dying Light 2 finally arrives on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on February 4th, 2022.

Are you looking forward to exploring The City? Let us know in the comments.