Double Fine Feels Like It's 'Still Got It' After The Successful Release Of Psychonauts 2
Image: Xbox

In an interview with Epic Games to promote Unreal Engine, Double Fine spoke about the significance of shipping Psychonauts 2 last year on Xbox (a game running on Unreal).

Tim Schafer, Studio Head of Double Fine and Creative Director of Psychonauts 2 acknowledged how important this latest release was to the company's 20-year history, which originally began life with the first Psychonauts game. He feels like the team has "still got it" after all this time:

"Psychonauts is a very special franchise for Double Fine, we learned how to make console games making that game and a lot of the same team is still here 20 years later...after all, we've been through the ups and downs have been quite a roller coast, and then to make a game that's been so well received at the end of the 20 years it just feels really good, cause it feels like we...still got it"

We're sure many fans would agree Tim and the team at Double Fine have still got it - with Psychonauts 2 going on to win the Xbox Game of the Year at last year's Golden Joystick Awards. Here on Pure Xbox, we gave the game a 10/10 score and Head of Xbox Phil Spencer also admitted it was probably his favourite game of 2021.

The full Unreal video is worth a watch and there's also a feature over on Unreal's website, but again - it's mostly a promo for the capabilities of Unreal Engine. As for what's next, Double Fine is apparently already working on multiple new projects.

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