The Doom Slayer dressed in all purple? Sure, why not. As part of the latest set of Game Pass Perks, a selection of rather colourful content comes to DOOM Eternal, featuring quite a few cosmetics.

In total, there's three packs here for use across Campaign, Battlemode, and the game's photo mode of course. The sets are dubbed "Arch Files", "There Can Be Only One", and "Preachy Keen", each featuring their own themed content.

That content comes in the form of six weapon skins, nine player skins, nine nameplates, and 24 player icons in total. It's a pretty substantial perk then, even if the content is purely cosmetic.

The Game Pass Perk is now live for Ultimate subscribers, and you have until April 18th to claim it, and then until May 18th to redeem the code. There are two separate versions of the perk — one for consoles, and one for PC.

Will you be jumping back into Doom Eternal to try these out? Let us know below.