Call Of Duty Will Reportedly Ditch Xbox One Versions In 2023

As the Activision Blizzard deal continues to unfold, we keep getting nuggets of information on the future of Call of Duty. One significant bit of news is that the next few CoDs will still launch on PlayStation. We're now hearing reports that most of those releases will be current-gen only.

Prominent leaker Tom Henderson recently tweeted some details about Warzone's reported sequel. The Warzone successor, which is rumoured to launch in early 2023, will be current-gen only. That makes sense, as it'll help it distance itself from last generation's Warzone.

What's perhaps more interesting though, is that in a reply to that tweet, Henderson said that the main Call of Duty game for 2023 will also be current gen only. That would mean that this year's CoD, reportedly a sequel to 2019's Modern Warfare, will be the last Call of Duty to release on Xbox One.

That'd mark a decade of support for CoD on Microsoft's last-gen Xbox, which ain't a bad run. Of course, plans may change and these are mostly rumours, but we'd be happy to see CoD ditch last-gen as we transition to it becoming an Xbox first party franchise. Yep, that's still weird to think about.

Will you be happy to see last gen support ditched in 2023? Let us know below.

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