Aliens-Inspired 2D Shooter Hidden Deep Is Coming To Xbox

Hidden Deep has just launched into Steam Early Access this month. It's a spooky-looking 2D shooter from indie developer Cogwheel Software, who says the game is inspired by Aliens, The Thing, and Half-life. Well, the good news is it's also coming to Xbox.

We're not exactly sure how far along things are, but rest assured, Xbox development is part of the plan. On the game's website, the developer says that "Hidden Deep will be available for PC and later for Mac, Linux, Switch, Xbox".

In terms of a timeline, late 2022 could be a possibility. On the game's early access page, the developer says they'd like the game to be "fully realized within 6 to 8 months." That's on PC, so expect any console versions to come after that.

Hidden Deep is certainly one to keep an eye on in 2022 then. Here's a quick developer rundown of the game:

Hidden Deep is an atmospheric sci-fi action game heavily inspired by Aliens, The Thing, and Half-Life. Explore, climb, swim, scan, blast and shoot your way through dangerous missions in a huge sub oceanic mining and research facility. Fear the horrors that lurk below…

Will you be trying out Hidden Deep when it comes to Xbox? Let us know below.