Alan Wake Remastered Adds Auto HDR Support For Xbox Series X|S

The superb Alan Wake Remastered has gone one step further in improving the experience for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S users today, adding support for the Auto HDR feature on those consoles.

If you're unaware, Auto HDR allows games without HDR to take advantage of an automated version of it instead, which ultimately means they benefit from improved brightness and colours.

Meanwhile, Remedy has also been working on the Xbox One version of the game, fixing cinematic audio lag and screen tearing as part of the latest update. You'll find the full patch notes below:


  • Improved title stability


  • Fixed the glitch where in Episode 2 players could not complete the „Reach the top of the mill” objective due to the lift clipping through the stairs


  • Fixed the audio lag that was present in some cinematics (Xbox One)
  • Fixed the rare issue where cinematics audio would play in mono


  • Added auto HDR support (Xbox Series X|S)
  • Mitigated screen tearing (Xbox One)
  • General visual performance fixes


  • Improved the resolution of the game icon (PC). It’s prettier now.

Happy with these improvements? How are you finding Alan Wake Remastered? Let us know down below.