Don't look at the score, we were focused on the screenshot
Image: Xbox

Team-based multiplayer shooters are always in the firing line when it comes to weapon nerfs and buffs, and Halo Infinite's multiplayer is no different.

The game might have only been out for a few months now, but there's already plenty of debates going on within the community about the power of certain weapons. One, in particular, that's spawned plenty of discussion on social media and various subreddits is the Mangler.

Kills come quick and easy with this one provided you can aim, but pro player 'Snip3down' — signed with FaZeClan — believes its respawn timer needs to be increased and used it as an example of the game requiring more quality of life updates:

"Mangler needs to be on the same spawn cycle as Heatwave/Shotgun ASAP, sh** is on a 30s spawn timer(?) and feels like 3 people have it at all times due to how much ammo it has. Halo comp needs some QOL updates, wouldn’t mind this for thrust for Aquarius also..."

The same tweet resulted in a number of responses from fellow pro players - with many others noting how they would appreciate more communication about these sorts of things.

Halo eSports lead Tahir “Tashi” Hasandjekic eventually chimed in, acknowledging the feedback:

"Hi guys, we have definitely been seeing all of the feedback and talking about it internally (especially for big ones like Mangler). With regards to official methods to give feedback, surveys are on the way so we can capture it all in a clear and concise way. CC: @RichieHeinz"

While a lot of pros are keen on some changes to weapons like the Mangler, keep in mind — it's not necessarily reflective of Halo Infinite's wider multiplayer community. Others are also worried changes to it could go beyond the respawn timer - with possible nerfs.

Are you a fan of the Mangler? Do you play Halo Infinite multiplayer? How do you feel about pros potentially paving the way for the new entry's multiplayer meta? Leave your own thoughts down below.