343 Industries Seeking 'Sandbox Design Lead' To Help Build The Future Of Halo Infinite
Image: Xbox

343 has successfully shipped Halo Infinite on Xbox and PC, and while the fight may be finished for now — there's more to come in the future.

The team at 343 is currently seeking someone to fill the shoes of the game's Sandbox Design Lead. Here's a bit about it, courtesy of the official job listing, along with a brief message from Halo's project lead, Joseph Staten.

"Do you have a deep understanding of systemic first-person shooter gameplay and controls? Can you strike a balance between precise, fast-paced, competitive gameplay and more immersive and sustained cooperative experiences? Do you have a track record of collaborating across teams to ensure a cohesive gameplay experience that supports the overall product vision?

Do you firmly believe insights from player behavior and other qualitative and quantitative data are fundamental to making smart design decisions? Are you passionate about Halo, eager to preserve what makes it unique—while brimming with ideas to evolve an experience that millions of players love? If so, the Halo Infinite team would love to speak with you about becoming our next Lead Sandbox Designer!"

Earlier this week, 343 and Microsoft announced Halo Infinite had officially become the biggest launch in Halo's history - with more than 20 million Spartans joining the fight for the game's launch.

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