Xbox Unveils $140 LA Lakers Halo Bundle, Already Selling For Ridiculous Prices On eBay
Image: Xbox, ItsaMeFernando on Twitter

If you were browsing social media yesterday, you might have seen that Xbox and the LA Lakers were advertising an exclusive new Halo Infinite bundle for the game against the LA Clippers, and it evidently proved to be a huge hit.

For $140, you could get an exclusive Master Chief jersey, custom LA Lakers Xbox Wireless Controller and a Master Chief Figurine. All of this was presented in a very stylish case ā€” as demonstrated by Halo Infinite Senior Multiplayer Designer Fernando Reyes Medina in the video below.

However, the fact that the bundle is being exclusively sold at the Staples Center in LA means that it's already selling for crazy prices on eBay. At the time of writing, it's being advertised at up to $2,599.00, but even the auction listings with a week left to run are already sitting at way above the standard retail price of $140.

There was reportedly a huge line to try and get one of these bundles at the Staples Center, so it wasn't all smooth sailing for those in attendance either. We'd love to think a few of them might be officially available online at some point, but considering it's a limited edition bundle and the majority were probably sold last night, we might sadly be out of luck.

What do you think of this exclusive LA Lakers Xbox and Halo bundle? Let us know in the comments.

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