Xbox Team Receives Gift From PlayStation Exec To Celebrate Halo Infinite Launch

It was inevitable that at least a couple of PlayStation team members would pop up to celebrate the launch of Halo Infinite with the Xbox team, and former SIE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida went a step further with it.

Yoshida and members of the Xbox team were seemingly in the same restaurant at the same time last night ahead of The Game Awards, which led to Yoshida sending over a bottle of wine with his compliments on the launch:

It seems the Xbox team were having dinner with a variety of people from outside the company last night, as many of them ended up taking to Twitter later in the day to also thank Yoshida for sending over the wine. It went down well!

Separately, Yoshida congratulated Head of Xbox Phil Spencer on the launch of Halo Infinite via Twitter, which prompted Spencer to reply with, "thanks Shu". Former PlayStation exec Shawn Layden also did the same thing yesterday.

It's always great to see these kinds of interactions between the Xbox and PlayStation teams!

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