Xbox Has Four 'Day One' Game Pass PC Titles To Announce This Week

The Game Awards 2021 takes place this Thursday evening (you'll be able to watch it here at Pure Xbox — we'll have more details for you later this week!), and Xbox Game Pass will be getting at least four new game reveals as part of it.

The Xbox Game Pass for PC team has confirmed that four games heading to Game Pass on "day one" will be announced during the event, and teased it as part of a silly social media update on Twitter earlier today:

As you can probably imagine, lots of Xbox fans have been trying to edit the photo in the tweet to see if it contains any hidden details, and it actually does — it says, "If you're the first to edit this photo, congrats to you. Here's a code..."

(And yes, the code has been redeemed already!)

Of course, we wouldn't be surprised if Xbox has more Game Pass announcements to bring us at The Game Awards 2021, but these are the only confirmed reveals so far. Let's see what Thursday has in store for us...

Any guesses for what these might be? Let us know down in the comments section below.