Rumour: Alan Wake 2 Will Be At The Game Awards This Week

The Game Awards 2021 takes place this Thursday, and it's been suggested that Remedy and Epic Games' Alan Wake 2 will get its "grand reveal" at the event, as stated by YouTuber NateTheHate on his latest podcast.

The discussion, which included VentureBeat's Jeff Grubb and YouTuber MVG, was primarily about predictions for The Game Awards, but NateTheHate appeared to be very committal about Alan Wake 2's appearance at the event:

"Alan Wake 2 will make its grand reveal at The Game Awards."

"The release of the Alan Wake remaster wasn't just a random occurrence. They wanted to introduce fans to the franchise because they wanted to announce the sequel this year at The Game Awards and make that a big headliner for the entire show, and get people excited about the future of Alan Wake."

It's been rumoured throughout the year that Remedy and Epic Games have been working on the sequel, but neither company has come out and actually confirmed it as of yet. All we publicly know is that the two companies are collaborating on a "AAA game project" — so hopefully we'll finally get confirmation of Alan Wake 2 this week.

You'll be able to watch The Game Awards 2021 with us here at Pure Xbox on Thursday evening, and we'll be opening up the live chatroom as well if you want to discuss the event with the community. It should be an action-packed event!

Hoping to see Alan Wake 2 at The Game Awards this Thursday? Let us know down in the comments.