Random: Phil Spencer Sends Birthday Message To 'Incredibly Special' Xbox UK Employee
Image: Xbox, Phil Spencer

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer seems like one of the best bosses you could possibly hope to work for, and he recently took some time out of his busy schedule to record a birthday message for Xbox UK employee, Charleyy Hodson.

As you can see in the video below, Spencer acknowledges the Social Media Manager and Events Lead as an "incredibly special" part of the team, stating that she brings "so much to what Xbox is about". Here's the full message:

This is also our first chance to see Phil Spencer's home office in a little while, and the background has seen a few additions — the most glaringly obvious being a new Alan Wake part of the display. Let the speculation commence...

That's not what's important here though — the focus of the video is on Charleyy's fantastic work at Xbox UK, and it's great to see Phil Spencer acknowledging the importance of his team in such a personal and appreciative way.

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