You might have noticed Quake receiving an update with Xbox Game Pass over the past couple of days, and that update adds an all-new Horde Mode to the game, along with a new improvements — a new add-on is also available, too.

The Horde Mode is a 1-4 player co-op experience designed by MachineGames, and you can play in local multiplayer, online multiplayer or simply use bots instead. The idea is that you face off against waves of enemies of increasing difficulty, and four new maps have been created specifically for the experience.

Here are the rules:

  • Score points by killing enemies
  • Kill multiple enemies in quick succession for bonus points
  • Your progression is reset after the last player dies
  • Every 3rd wave has boss monsters but once you clear it, you get a Silver key to unlock more weapons and items
  • After the 9th wave, you get a gold key to unlock the exit, or you can keep fighting as long as you are able
  • Monsters have a chance of dropping quad damage and the pentagram of protection (powerups last for 5 seconds once picked up and despawn if not picked up after 10 seconds)

Along with this, there's also a new free add-on called "Honey" which you can download from the in-game add-ons menu. This is one of the "community’s most beloved mods", and sees you "encounter[ing] waterlogged crypts and underground temples as you face the darkness, combating a deadly plague blighting the land."

Finally, there are a few improvements and bug fixes (you'll find the full list on the Bethesda website), and Quake owners can now log in with their credentials in-game to earn the Ranger Slayer Skin for DOOM Eternal.

Anyone else get the impression they're really going above and beyond with this Quake remaster?!

Let us know if you've had a chance to try the new Quake Horde Mode in the comments below.