Poll: What Do You Think Halo Infinite's Metacritic Score Will Be?

Every day is a step closer to the release of Halo Infinite's campaign on Xbox Game Pass, which officially lands next Wednesday, December 8th across console, PC and Xbox Cloud Gaming. We're counting down the hours now!

Of course, the reviews will also be dropping for the game in the near future as well (yes, we'll have a review to share with you here at Pure Xbox), and it'll be fascinating to see what kind of scores the game ends up getting. A score doesn't always tell the whole story with a review, of course, but it at least gives us some kind of general indicator as to whether a game is horrifically bad, poor, so-so, good or fantastic. We're hoping it's the latter!

Ahead of that point though, we're interested to know what Metacritic score you think Halo Infinite will get based on your impressions of the multiplayer so far, along with your hopes and expectations for the campaign. Metacritic, if you don't know, combines a variety of professional reviews from across the industry to generate an overall score.

Is Halo Infinite going to fail to live up to expectations, or could it possibly be the best Halo game in history? Maybe it'll sit somewhere in the middle, not quite reaching the lofty heights of Halo 3 but surpassing Halo 4 and Halo 5?

Let us know how you think Halo Infinite is going to fare with the critics down in the comments below.

What Do You Think Halo Infinite's Metacritic Score Will Be?