If you missed out on the Xbox Seres X Halo Infinite console, you might want to check your inbox. Microsoft is contacting select store customers via email - offering them the chance to purchase the Xbox Series X Halo bundle.

According to an email (via Tom Warren), these XSX Halo Infinite Limited Edition bundles are available on a "first-come, first-served" basis and will sell out quickly. The limit is one bundle per order and two bundles per 30-day period.

Here's a bit about this themed system:

"Above the armor there is a custom star pattern as seen from the surface of Zeta Halo that extends to the top of the console and onto the fan. Below the stars, the top vent is accented in Cortana-themed blue. To top it off, the console powers on and off with custom Halo-themed sounds.

The controller included in the bundle features a matching design on the front, an iridium gold 20-year mark on the back, as well as side-and-back grips to accommodate all play styles."

For now, it seems this offer is being sent out to Microsoft Store users based in the US.

Did you get a chance to grab the Halo Xbox? Have you already got one? Tell us down below.