Halo Infinite's Disc Reportedly Doesn't Include The Full Game

It's unfortunately becoming more and more common that games are shipping without their full contents if you buy the physical disc, and that's reportedly what's happening with Halo Infinite according to Digital Foundry's John Linneman.

Linneman says that if you try to install Halo Infinite while offline, "it says it's incomplete". Therefore, you'd need to go online to download the necessary updates, which he warns is "bad for long-term preservation".

As far as we can see, it hasn't been acknowledged whether this applies just to the Xbox Series X version or the Xbox One version as well — typically, Microsoft includes the Xbox One version on the disc, but forces you to upgrade to the Series X version by going online. In any case though, it's not good for "long-term preservation".

Of course, the majority of players will have no problems connecting to the internet to install these updates right now, but as Linneman points out, "this'll be the first Halo game you can't really own as a standalone copy."

How do you feel about this? Does it bother you? Let us know your thoughts on the decision in the comments below.