Halo Infinite Dataminers Appear To Have Uncovered Various New Multiplayer Modes

Tired of playing the same old modes in Halo Infinite multiplayer again and again? Well, read on...

It appears this part of the newest game in the series will be getting an update in the future that reintroduces some popular Halo modes from past entries.

This is all according to a Halo dataminer known as 'HaloDotAPI' on Twitter (via @HaloHubGG), who appears to have uncovered evidence of modes such as Multi-Team Slayer, Grifball, Infection, King of the Hill, Extraction and Zombies via a series of leaked medals:

Clash of Kings
Secure Line
Signal Block
The Sickness
Undead Hunter
Watch the Throne
Zombie Slayer

A screen of multi-team:

And a look at the medals:

Keep in mind, nothing here is official - so it's best to just treat it as speculation for now. If we do hear anything else though, we'll be sure to let you know.

Would you be interested in any of these modes making a return? Leave a comment down below.

[source twitter.com, via tweaktown.com]