Halo Infinite News 1

Halo Infinite's long-awaited campaign component has officially gone live on Xbox Game Pass and, as expected, players are rushing to get the game downloaded ASAP as there was no pre-install option available this time around.

However, some folk over on social media have been reporting problems getting the update for the campaign to start at all, while others are reporting that their total current update size is just 4gb.

This small update is, in fact, just for the multiplayer portion of the game and it seems for now the actual campaign download is having some issues. So, in order to remedy this, you'll need to go into the Microsoft Store, navigate to Halo Infinite's store page, select the campaign and then start your download this way, you should then see your 4gb update jump to over 40gb in size.

HaloInfinite Campaign03 3840x2160 WM

It's not ideal, and we've also encountered a bit of trouble and unresponsiveness with the game app as the servers have gone live for the campaign, but this workaround should at least get your download started if you find yourself unable to get it rolling from the Game Pass page itself.

It shouldn't be too long before you're all taking the fight to the Banished on Zeta Halo. Enjoy!

Are you having problems downloading the Halo Infinite campaign now that it's gone live? Let us know in the comments.