Popular ARPG Grim Dawn: Definitive Edition received some mixed reports for the Xbox version at launch, which even prompted a developer to plead with fans not to base their purchase decision off of "misleading information" — but the latest patch for the game definitely goes a long way towards improving the version on Xbox.

One of the big complaints was that Grim Dawn only supported 1080p at 30fps at launch, and the supposedly "uncapped" framerate for Xbox Series X and S didn't actually appear to be uncapped. With the latest patch, some of this has been rectified with new graphical and framerate options — and they're going down a treat:

  • Additional Framerate Options - Adventurers can now unlock the framerate via the options menu, allowing for a smoother gameplay experience on newer hardware
  • New Graphical Options - Check the options menu for new graphical settings such as Antialiasing, Depth of Field, and Ambient Occlusion that can be enabled or disabled anytime

As you can see from the comments above, the team has also fixed an irritating issue with Grim Dawn: Definitive Edition in that the textboxes were initially too small to read, with UI Scaling now putting an end to this:

  • UI Scaling - Are the textboxes too small for your display? UI scaling can now be adjusted to suit anyone's video set up on a TV or monitor

In addition to these improvements, the team has also implemented support for Korean, Czech and Polish languages, along with fixing various bugs.

The main grumble we're seeing from players now is that the left and right channels for sound appear to be swapped sometimes, and occasionally the music stops completely. Hopefully this bug will get fixed in the near future.

Have you tried Grim Dawn: Definitive Edition's new update on Xbox? Let us know your thoughts on it below.

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