Forza Horizon 5 Pushes Out Hotfix For Xbox Series X|S, But Players Are Still Getting Issues

Lots of Forza Horizon 5 fans have been pointing out that last week's update for the game seemed to sadly cause more problems, and Playground Games has responded with an emergency hotfix for Xbox Series X and Series S.

This hotfix targets an issue in which "players were stuck when attempting to save on Xbox Series X|S consoles", and based on the early reports we've seen so far, it seems to have done the trick for that problem:

However, the reports continue that the game isn't functioning as it should on those systems. Players have highlighted that the game is regularly crashing to the dashboard, for example, and it's taking ages trying to get out of Photo Mode:

It definitely seems like the recent (larger) update for the game introduced some unwanted issues while also fixing some others, and hopefully Playground Games will be able to fix those new problems in the relatively near future.

The team had previously promised that it would be addressing a variety of multiplayer issues over the next few updates for the game, including Convoys, EventLab, The Eliminator and much more — but it looks like it could take a while.

Have you been facing issues with Forza Horizon 5 on Series X or Series S recently? Tell us down below.