Adidas Unveils Xbox Forum Techboost Shoes, Now Available To Buy Worldwide

Adidas and Xbox have unveiled their final 20th anniversary collaboration today in the form of the Xbox Forum Techboost Shoes, which are actually the first-ever Xbox sneakers available to purchase globally.

You're looking at a price of £110 / $140, and they're available from the adidas website, partner stores worldwide and even the Microsoft Store in the US (so yes, you can use your Microsoft Rewards points on them if you want to!).

Here's what Xbox has to say about them:

"With a design inspired by the fastest, most powerful Xbox console ever, the Xbox Series X, the silhouette is a bold start in jet-black, amped further with pops of neon green and tech-driven details.

Overall, we wanted to create a shoe that cemented a moment in time, but also felt timeless. This is a shoe that is meant to be played in, meant to be worn, and meant to be enjoyed by our community – one that’s always played in, and never played out."

You'll find links to purchase them below, along with a couple more images:

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Will you be picking up a pair of these Xbox sneakers? Let us know down in the comments below.